5 Tools And Strategies To Monitor Competitors For Online Businesses

5 Tools and Strategies to Monitor Competitors for Online Businesses

by Alex Noah — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

It is vital to keep track of your competitors in any industry. Monitoring competitors help you spot new market opportunities and threats and evaluate your performance relative to other companies.

However, it can be difficult to monitor competitor activity. It can be difficult to keep track of competitors because the online market is constantly flooded by new brands and businesses.

This post contains five strategies that can be used to monitor competitors online. Each tip will help you monitor your competitors more effectively, so you can drive growth for your business.

Monitor Competitor Prices Using Visualping

Monitoring price changes is an important part of competitor monitoring. This is especially important in industries that see price fluctuations, like the retail industry.

You can keep an eye on the pricing of your competitors to stay up-to-date about price changes. Knowing when they occur can help you understand why.

If a competitor’s product sells regularly for $100 but then drops to $50 you can conclude that it didn’t sell well. These inputs will help you to understand how the performance of a competitor may affect your business.

You can also monitor the pricing of your competitors to identify profitable opportunities. Imagine that a competitor’s product seems more expensive than comparable products in the industry. You might decide to make your product more affordable and thus attract more customers.

Visualizing is an effective and simple-to-use price monitoring software. Simply select the section of the website you wish to monitor for price changes. For example, the price listed on the page. You will be notified by email when the price changes.

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Track Competitor Brand Mentions Using Mention

You can get great insight into your competitors’ online brand positioning and what they stand for.

You can identify new opportunities by observing how other brands are mentioned online. If you see a competitor using a keyword you don’t know, it may be possible to use that keyword in order to reach new customers.

You should also monitor your competitors for brand mentions. This will help you spot potential threats to the business. If you see a competitor talking about new features that could be of value to customers, you can take steps to match the feature to ensure that your business doesn’t lose any customers.

A mention is a great tool for tracking when competitors are mentioned online.

Take Control of Your Competitor Online Reviews with Reputology

You can use tools to monitor online reviews to understand what customers think about the products and services of your competitor.

These reviews can also be used to help you understand how your competitors treat customers. This information will help you to identify areas you can improve in order to maintain customer satisfaction. This insight will give you ideas from customers about how to increase the value of your products.

You may be able to address a recurring problem in competitor reviews to avoid customers feeling disappointed.

You can also identify potential threats to your company by following competitor reviews. Let’s say you find out that your competitor is receiving a lot of complaints regarding a similar issue. To prevent this criticism from affecting your business image, you might try to resolve the issue with your customers.

Capture Competitor Newsletters with Owletter

You can identify opportunities by observing how your competitors are growing their audience and content. This can be done by analyzing which content formats are more successful for your competitors and then trying to replicate that success with your own content.

Owletter allows you to collect all emails from competitors’ websites and send them to your mailing lists. This is a better option than manually creating an email address and subscribing to each newsletter. You can identify new topics by keeping track of the most popular content from your competitors.

You can, for example, try to give more information about a topic or address the problem in that piece. Monitoring content performance can help to find new opportunities to reach new customers, whether you are trying to make more content yourself or copying the success of others.

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Analyze Competitor Ads Using Anstrex

You can identify new opportunities to generate leads by monitoring the performance of competitor advertising. Asterix is a tool that will unlock native, Facebook, and Linkedin ads.

You may notice that your competitor’s advertising campaign generates more leads than you expected. If this is the case, you might want to try out that strategy for new leads.

You can identify potential threats to your company by observing how your competitors reach customers through paid advertising. You may want to steer clear of a competitor who is driving high volumes of low-quality leads through their ads. Instead, target more profitable customers with different settings.


Monitoring your competitors is an essential part of any business strategy. You can identify potential opportunities for growth and protect yourself against threats by monitoring your competitors.

Online space makes it more crucial to stay on top of your competitors because they are changing faster. It is easier to know the right tools, but it can be difficult. These strategies will help you stay on top of your competitors so that you can drive business growth.

Alex Noah

Alex is senior editor of The Next Tech. He studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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