Cybersecurity Company Optimizes Their B2B Sales Process

Cybersecurity Company Optimizes Their B2B Sales Process

by Alex Noah — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 2 min. read

Each business has its own way of doing things. Building buyer personas can be crucial. However, how to move them through the sales funnel until becoming customers requires customized and strategic planning.

The sales process can get complicated if you offer a variety of services that customers can mix and match.

One of our most recent clients in technology was affected by this and came to us looking for a solution.

Information for Clients

This client is a B2B cybersecurity firm that provides IT services to clients around the globe. They have been protecting networks for more than two decades and are looking to modernize the sales process.

Primary Pain Points

The company has been around for more than two decades. They developed a long sales process, which was mostly passed on by word-of-mouth every time a new sales representative came in.

This created a problem because everyone needs to agree on what is important. They wanted to create a company-wide process that functions like a well-oiled machine regardless of who comes or goes.

They wrote it down and gave us a 13-page sales process. We hoped that this would be simplified with sales tools and Marketing Automation.

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HubSpot Services We Provided

We were delighted to show the features in HubSpot’s Sales Hub. Since we knew from the start that they would dramatically improve and transform the way they do business.

HubSpot Service 1 – Sales Hub Implementation for All Stages of their B2B Sales Cycle

The client’s customer relation management (a CRM system) was set up on HubSpot. We segmented their contacts according to their targets and deal stage. This allowed them to organize their marketing campaigns as well as their follow-up emails.

We also integrated all third-party tools into their tech stack. This was because they wanted to prioritize automated calling and texting.

Next, we set all activity tracking tools up — for phone, email, calendar invites, and calendar invites.

We also created custom properties for them and set up notifications for their sales reps. This would ensure that no prospect or lead would be lost.

Then, we gave a walkthrough of how to use HubSpot to create sales emails and how to look over all documents.

We also set up their reporting dashboards to allow them to track their progress in sales.

HubSpot 2: Monthly HubSpot Support to B2B Sales Strategy

We provided ongoing project management training to the client.

The recorded training conferences were then sent to them to allow their sales team to review the most important elements at their leisure.

HubSpot Helps Them Grow

The HubSpot Sales Hub tools have helped them identify more opportunities and alert the right sales reps to follow up with them. They’ve seen great efficiency in their sales process thanks to their well-segmented CRM, custom properties, and other features.

Bonus: Because it’s so much easier for their sales team to work, they have us on a monthly retainer.

Alex Noah

Alex is senior editor of The Next Tech. He studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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