The Educational App Market Is Booming! Here Are Five Tech Apps Parents Should Watch Out This Year

The Educational App Market is Booming! Here are Five Tech Apps Parents Should Watch Out This Year

by Micah James — 2 years ago in Development 3 min. read

Educational applications came to the rescue when schools were shut down at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic and students could no longer sit in classrooms to learn. The emergence of these educational apps has created a revolution in technology that surpasses the traditional way of learning. With the advent of so many smartphones and technological gadgets, it’s not surprising that many apps are being created to enhance educational activities. This rave in the use of educational applications was heightened with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic which made children stay out of school because of the fear of contracting the virus. The traditional classroom setting was avoided for remote and digitized forms of learning mainly offered by educational apps. These educational apps are designed to provide learning that is synonymous with face-to-face classroom lessons with the use of stories, games, puzzles, animations, and other visuals to create fun and enhance cognitive skills that sharpen a child’s appetite for learning. Since learning can be effectively carried out remotely, the educational market is currently booming with a variety of apps. Below are 5 applications to watch out for this year:


Serial entrepreneur Kyle Wallgren created this Edsoma application to foster adequate reading culture between parents and children despite their geographical locations.” I wanted to continue reading with my children even when I am not with them. So, I created this app for not just myself but other parents in a similar situation”. With the birth of Edsoma distance is no longer a barrier to effective learning between parents and their children. Hence, single parents, divorced parents, or parents out on a trip can now learn and monitor their children’s academic progress. This creates bonding and lasting memories for parents and children.

A wonderful feature of the app that stands it out from other apps is the real-time voice recognition technology which corrects readers when they mispronounce a word during a read-aloud session. It’s unique word identification breaks down the word when the app detects the reader struggling with it. Edsoma also keeps track of the reader’s improvement in real-time With the very many positive reviews by parents, educators, and media outlets who attended the SXSW Convention in Austin, Texas this year, Edsoma is making quick waves in the educational app market.

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The introduction of this free language learning app into the mainstream of the educational app market created a boom in the educational space. With the learning of over 41 languages by 500 million registered users, Duolingo offers a well-organized lesson plan for each level, structured in a set of modules. The system is designed in such a way that once an individual passes a particular stage, the next module will be unlocked and made accessible. With this, learning is carried out in chronological order seamlessly. Notwithstanding the progression made in every lesson, learners can take revision lessons on past modules.


By providing a step-by-step learning path, ABCmouse is a booming educational app created to help early readers across various subjects. It uses entertaining activities like games, songs, puzzles, art, and printables to teach a topic. Children are allowed to interact with animals in the zoo and on the farm to create lasting memories through learning. Since the importance of evaluation and monitoring in an educational setting cannot be overemphasized, ABCmouse sets itself apart from other educational apps with its use of a progress tracker which monitors the progress of your child by academic level and curriculum subjects. Through this, parents can evaluate the strength and weaknesses of their children in learning. Significantly, the use of rewards and tickets to purchase virtual items makes learning exciting and motivational.


Homer is a personalized app for early learners designed to help them become critical thinkers based on their level of understanding. The curriculum is designed to suit the child’s age, knowledge, and abilities. It provides playful learning through the use of stories, games, and puzzles across subjects like reading, math, social and emotional learning, thinking skills, and creativity. It combines a child’s unique interest with their current age and learning level to create personalized learning that helps build essential educational skills.


Epic gives children access to an extensive library with over 40,000 collections of books and educational videos that enhance self-learning. The app is considered people’s favorite because of the ‘favorite’ feature which allows books and videos of interest to be downloaded and saved to watch later even without an internet connection. Another interesting feature of the app is the ‘read to me’ category which provides an extensive collection of story books. The stories in these books are narrated in a read-aloud structure so that children can read along and get corrected when they make mistakes.

Beyond the learning process, these educational apps improve reading culture and build self-confidence in a child. Children can now read independently with the help of these apps and become more familiar with the technological interface that thrives presently in the modern world.

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