Greengeeks Review – Is it the best for WordPress?

Alan Jackson
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GreenGeeks has been in the hosting business for over ten years, and they are considered by many to be a reputable company. They advertise a reliable, fast hosting environment for WordPress sites at competitive prices. Additionally, they offer one-click WordPress installation, free WordPress site transfers, and WordPress optimized servers.

However, does this mean that GreenGeeks is the best hosting provider for WordPress sites? Our review intends to find out.

GreenGeeks’ WordPress Hosting Plans and Packages

GreenGeeks has three hosting plans for WordPress: Lite, Pro, and Premium. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Lite plan is the entry plan for GreenGeeksWordPress hosting and is most suitable for hosting a single website. This plan includes:

  • One website
  • 50 GB of web space
  • Unmetered data transfer
  • 50 free email accounts
  • Free domain name for the first year
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free CDN
  • Free nightly backup
  • Unlimited databases
  • Includes LSCache
  • Cost =$2.49 per month

The Pro plan is a mid-level plan, but it can accommodate unlimited websites and offers faster performance than the Lite plan. It includes:

  • Unlimited websites, web space, data transfer, and email accounts
  • Free domain name for the first year
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free CDN
  • Free nightly backup
  • Unlimited databases
  • Includes LSCache
  • Cost = $4.95 per month

The Premium plan is the top-level plan. It offers the fastest performance of all plans and includes:

  • Unlimited websites, web space, data transfer, and email accounts
  • Free domain name for the first year
  • Free Premium SSL
  • Free CDN
  • Free nightly backup
  • Free Dedicated IP
  • Unlimited databases
  • Includes LSCache
  • Cost = $8.95 per month

Is GreenGeeks’ WordPress Hosting Fast?

Websites need to load quickly. If they don’t, you’ll have a high bounce rate, low conversions, and it will affect your search engine ranking. Fortunately, GreenGeeks promises a fast loading experience for all its users. This promise is supported by the technical features they employ, which are as follows:

  • SSD Hard Drives

SSD hard drives are fast, so the fact that GreenGeeks uses them in their servers is a point in their favor as these drives really speed up websites.

  • LiteSpeed and MariaDB

These server software programs also help to make your WordPress site fast.

  • Powercacher

Powercacher is a caching service developed by GreenGeeks to ensure that your site is always fast and available.
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WordPress Specific Features of GreenGeeks’ Hosting

GreenGeeks is an active supporter of the WordPress community and a global sponsor of WordCamp. As a result, they know a lot about WordPress.

GreenGeeks has optimized their WordPress servers with features such as one-click install, automatic WordPress updates, and support for WordPress staging. Additionally, GreenGeeks makes it easy to transfer your site to their servers.

Migrating your WordPress site to GreenGeeks can happen in one of two ways:

  1. If you currently have your site on acPanel server, you can do a cPanel to cPanel migration. All you have to do is sign up for GreenGeeks hosting, log into your account and click on Support>Migration Request. Then you fill out a form, and your request will be sent to the Migrations department. It may take as much as 48 hours for your site to be transferred, although many users have reported that it took only a few hours.
  2. If you aren’t on a cPanel server, you will need to give GreenGeeks your WordPress administrator login details. They will then take care of getting your site moved to your new GreenGeeks account. This can take between 24 and 48 hours, although in most cases, users report it’s completed within a few hours after submission.
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We started this review by asking whether GreenGeeks was the best hosting provider for WordPress. We answered this question by first looking at what features GreenGeeks offers in its hosting plans. We then examined whether GreenGeeks would make your WordPress site load quickly. Lastly, we examined what features GreenGeeks offered that were WordPress optimized.

We discovered that GreenGeeks’ plans provide a ton of features for the price of their plans. We also found that GreenGeeks provides components that make it optimized for fast site loading speed.

Lastly, we learned that GreenGeeks offers users features explicitly designed to make your WordPress site run better. Therefore, we must conclude that GreenGeeks is an ideal web host for WordPress.

Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson

Alan is content editor manager of The Next Tech. He loves to share his technology knowledge with write blog and article. Besides this, He is fond of reading books, writing short stories, EDM music and football lover.

Selecting the Right Software Solution for Your Non-Profit

Wilbert Bail
by Wilbert Bail — 58 mins ago in Development 2 min. read

Most non-profit organisations are averse to integrating technology into their operations. The reason is chiefly financial, owing to the tight budget that such organisations work on. However, non-profits can harness technology to function cost-efficiently, increase outreach manifold, and manage events more effectively.

As a non-profit, you can start with a database management system that will consolidate information of your entire Donor base and help you connect with them in a more streamlined fashion.

Plan and execute fundraising campaigns using social media, accept online donations and resort to accounting software to shift from the tedious manual process, and many more to increase your organisational efficacy.

Selecting the Right Software Solution for Your Non-Profit

Yes, you could derive multiple benefits by utilising technology in your non-profit operations but how do you select the right software solution that can be the best fit for your needs? Let ModeData help you with the key pointers you need to consider in the process.

Identify your exact need

The first and foremost step in selecting the right software for your non-profit is to identify the organisational function that you wish to bring under the purview of information technology.

Prepare an outline for the solution that you are seeking, and a timeline for execution. This will not only provide clarity of vision, but sharing the same with your team will make change acceptance hassle-free too.

Put together a team

A big decision as it is, it is ideal to create a team consisting of knowledgeable people as well as members of the specific function for the integration project. This will make brainstorming, decision-making, and implementation of the project easier.

Set your budget

Put a ballpark figure to the amount that your non-profit can spend on the project. Consulting experts or talking to similar organisations that have implemented such software solutions can give you a direction.

Research available options

Evaluate service providers and the solutions they offer for a preliminary understanding of the options available for you to choose. This research will help you determine what outcomes you can approximately expect out of software implementation.

Make your requirements clear

Identify and list your problem areas along with the possible solutions that you are looking to adopt. Circulate this list of requirements among known vendors with a formal Request for Information (RFI)/ Request for Proposal (RFP).

Review and request demo from shortlisted vendors

Review the information that you receive and approach the vendors with the most promising proposals for a demo. A live demo makes understanding the workings of the software simpler.

Compare proposals to arrive at a decision

Whether you choose to go ahead with any particular vendor or not will depend upon a mindful comparison between the solutions and offers. Carefully judge the cost involved and the benefits to be derived out of the implementation before finalising any vendor.

Consult with an expert, if needed

If you feel that your organisation lacks the expertise to successfully evaluate the proposals and identify the one that would be the most beneficial to your operations, consider consulting an expert. But make sure that you make the entire process fool-proof to avoid failed implementation of the software solution.

Talk to our experts at MoveData today to flawlessly integrate your non-profit operations with IT solutions and improving organisational efficacy.

Wilbert Bail
Wilbert Bail

Wilbert Bail is an outreach manager at Local Digital. He has an adventurous mind but seldom travels as he would rather stay home and make client's business websites more visible on the internet. He likes techie stuff and enjoys the weekend playing video games."

SMS Marketing Ideas to Generate more Sales

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by Wilbert Bail — 1 hour ago in Business Ideas 2 min. read

SMS is a powerful marketing tool to touch base with your customers. Get to know why with these mind-boggling statistics:

  • 85% of customers prefer to receive an SMS over a phone call or email while 80%+ customers respond to such business SMSs.
  • Half of your customer base would prefer to receive support communication through text messages while 47% of customers would give companies that don’t include SMS as a communication channel, a pass.

Now that we have established how important SMS Marketing is to businesses, let us find out what you could do to generate more sales through this affordable yet effective marketing communication tool.

Seek permission

Gain the consent of your target audience before you include them in your SMS campaign. Also, a clear option to opt-out of the campaign should be available in the texts that you send to your customers. These are mandatory government regulations to conform to and contribute towards your image as a trustworthy brand.
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Make them feel special

Establish a feel-good factor in your customers. Celebrate their special days with them. Do not forget to send in your wishes on holidays either. This helps you create an experience in the minds of your target audience. It’s all about personalised communication and experience marketing.

Provide reminders and confirmations

Imagine missing out on your Insurance Premium Payment because the date slipped out of your mind. Or not receiving a service order confirmation from your Pest Control Service Provider. These messages would certainly make life easy for the consumers and you as a business owner would be doing a service worth remembering for them.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upsell relevant products and services. You could shoot a message to a customer who has sent his car for regular servicing to your garage with a car wash offer at a special rate.
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Add exclusivity

Start a loyalty program for your long-standing customers. Offer product previews exclusively to customers who respond to your SMS campaign with a special code, or discounts to customers who show the text message at the time of billing.

Product update

A new customer in your departmental store, couldn’t find the items he intended to purchase. Once the products are available, you ensure to connect with the customer with an update and convert him into a regular.

Educate and inform

Provide free professional tips occasionally so your customers know that you do not just attempt to push sales. Your gardening supply customers will be delighted to get information on essential garden care from time to time. If they find the info to be of great value, then it is likely that the message will be shared among contacts, earning you a few more customers.

You can also use the platform to share exciting company news like launching a new product or opening a new store with your customers. This information will help you reinforce your brand image.

Welcome feedback

Encourage your customers to leave feedback or product reviews through a link shared via text messages. Not only will this optimise your marketing campaign but will also boost your website traffic.
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Engage with competitions and polls

Run engaging competitions and fun polls for your customers to engage with your business. Better engagement will always lead to increased sales.

Inspired by these ideas to give SMS marketing a try? Get in touch with GuniSMS today to kick-start the personalised SMS Marketing Campaign for your business and watch your sales figures soar.

Wilbert Bail
Wilbert Bail

Wilbert Bail is an outreach manager at Local Digital. He has an adventurous mind but seldom travels as he would rather stay home and make client's business websites more visible on the internet. He likes techie stuff and enjoys the weekend playing video games."

Is it Possible to Cure Insomnia for Good?

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by Alan Jackson — 11 hours ago in Health 2 min. read

Insomnia or sleeplessness is a major health issue that can deteriorate the conditions of your health.

Ideally, an adult should have an uninterrupted sleep for seven to eight hours every night, but people with sleep disorders will not achieve that.

Early assessment

It is important to carefully assess for insomnia early in the evaluation of patients with anxiety disorders and to aggressively treat this complicating comorbidity. Insomnia is an underrecognized and undertreated problem.

Patients rarely report their symptoms of insomnia spontaneously to their doctor. Adding to the problem of detecting insomnia is the finding that doctors rarely inquire about insomnia in their patients.

Is it Possible to Cure Insomnia for Good?

One of the major reasons behind insomnia is stress and anxiety. You should consult an expert to get this treated. Apart from that, you can also do the following things to help yourself relax and get that much-needed sleep and rest.
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Mindful meditation has proven to offer multiple health benefits as well as helping you sleep well. It promotes a good lifestyle and helps you to get a peaceful sleep at night. It can also help to reduce your anxiety level, increase concentration, and give a boost to your immunity system.

It is possible to meditate two times every day for 15 minutes at a serene and peaceful atmosphere. If you’d like a head start, join a yoga class. It’s an excellent practice which will fortify your emotional quotient and make your mind calm.
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Repeating mantra

Mantra rep is a superb way to calm your mind and reduce anxiety. It enables you to enhance your focus and concentration. It is possible to pick any mantra which you find pleasant to your ears. Listening and repeating a soothing mantra through the night could bring peace to your brain and give you the ability to sleep too. You ought to concentrate on every word of this headline and chant them emotionally aloud.


Doing exercises frequently would give an increase to your general wellness. It would enhance your power and encourage a better sleep routine also. You need to exercise every day for at least 20 mins to get the best advantages.

You wouldn’t have to attend a health club for exercise; rather you can do a little freehand and aerobic exercises which are equally powerful. Make sure you’re doing the ideal exercises, based on the requirements of the entire body.

Exposure therapy

This method involves exposing you to the source of your anxiety in a safe, controlled way to help you overcome the fear. Your therapist may ask you to confront the fear directly, imagine a particular situation, or even do so through virtual reality. Your therapist will also teach you tools to help you relax and calm your anxiety while you’re facing the fear.
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Several pieces of research have proven that massages can effectively reduce insomnia and improve your sleep pattern. To sleep well, you’ll work at reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. If you cannot take professional massages, then self-massage can be a good choice. Relax during the session and focus on reducing your stress. You can use cream or oil for the massage sessions, whichever you are comfortable with.

Adopting these lifestyle habits can significantly reduce sleep disturbances and promote better sleep. Make sure to always consult your medical practitioner for the right guidance and follow their instructions for the best outcome.

Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson

Alan is content editor manager of The Next Tech. He loves to share his technology knowledge with write blog and article. Besides this, He is fond of reading books, writing short stories, EDM music and football lover.

5 Smart way to improve and Manage Customer Flow

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by Alan Jackson — 18 hours ago in Review 4 min. read

Irrespective of the business you are into, “Customer is the King,” is the thumb rule that guides all businesses. Thus, it is loud and clear that how you manage your customers play a key role in the success of your business. Many times, despite your product/service being good, you fail to achieve customer satisfaction or customer retention. This is purely because of poor customer experience.

If you are a business with a physical presence like a hotel, book store, supermarket and more, your customer experience greatly depends on how you manage the customer flow.

what is customer flow management?

Customer flow management can be defined as how you manage the customer when they queue up.

Customer queue management has always played a crucial role in customer satisfaction, but post the pandemic the importance has increased. However, before we look at how to improve customer flow, here is a look at the impacts when not done:

  1. Drops staff productivity
  2. Leads to poor customer retention
  3. Sometimes loss of customer

5 Smart way to improve and Manage Customer Flow

1.   Make them feel safe and secured

Doing exercises frequently would give an increase to your general wellness. It would enhance your power and encourage a better sleep routine also. You need to exercise every day for at least 20 mins to get the best advantages.

You wouldn’t have to attend a health club for exercise; rather you can do a little freehand and aerobic exercises which are equally powerful. Make sure you’re doing the ideal exercises, based on the requirements of the entire body.
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2.   Reduce the waiting time

In this particular outbreak, the majority of the companies have decrease manpower leading to a shortage. This decrease in labour impacts the delivery leading to a rise in the customer waiting period. Consequently, you have to locate methods to distract/engage clients when they’re queuing so they believe they’ve been waiting for quite a while.

Among the fascinating ways to engage clients in the queue would be to make some diversion. As an instance, if you’re a supermarket then putting stands with chocolate or small wants like batteries is a fantastic means of deflecting the queuing clients.

3.   Communicate

Occasionally honesty pays. To put it differently, among the greatest tricks of consumer flow control is to convey with your clients the perfect wait interval. By way of instance, you’re a restaurant, notifying your client of the waiting period enables your client to determine whether to wait or depart.

In so doing, you acquire an excess point. The client feels fine you have acted sensibly and kept it fair. Second, the majority of the instances, this transparency really empowers the client to adopt the wait with no qualms.

4.   Organized queuing

It is certainly a fantastic indication that you have clients lining for you personally, but rather than getting completed, after a queuing structure can help you acquire your clients. So, the simplest approach is to get a client queue management program set up. And observing the order is another facet.

It’s frequently observed that companies have a tendency to give preference for their own regular clients in a queue whilst after the purchase. This will win you a newcomer with an present client, however you run a terrific danger of losing a brand new client who’d have likely become your long-term customer. After this simple rule, will help save you from various sudden queue problems.
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5.   Be receptive

Last but best trick for client flow control is to participate with your clients and seek opinions. Though your clients are waiting in the queue you may make the very best of the by seeking feedback from the clients about your organization and what your clients feel about your enterprise etc.. You might even utilize this time to interact with your clients to understand them better.

This will let you serve them better later on. From the client’s standpoint, they feel fine that you’re making that attempt to understand them. Additionally, these participation activities make clients feel that queuing wasn’t that bad.

The above are some of the broad tricks that will help you effectively manage customers. However, before you decide to design and embrace a customer queue management system, you first need to understand your queue pattern.

  1. What is your average footfall? In other words, keep a check in your average footfall and out of which derive the average waiting customers.
  2. What is the average waiting time? Once you have arrived at the average number of customers waiting, try and understand the average waiting period. This will help you understand how to reduce and engage your customers during the waiting period.
  3. Once you have your statistics of numbers and duration, it’s time to come up with ideas that would first focus on reducing the waiting time. Depending upon the kind of your business, you need to say, how you can actually reduce the waiting time by making some changes in the logistics and delivery.
  4. If the waiting time cannot be addressed with structural or operational changes, then it’s time to find ways of addressing it with customer engagement activities. Depending upon your business type, you need to come with customer engagement activities that look part of your branding process and not as a specified effort to engage customers during the wait.

Based on the above-mentioned points you can definitely define and implement an effective customer queue management system. However, if you lack time, to go through this process, you can engage agencies or pick software that makes this process easy, hassle-free and less time-consuming. With a simple internet search and a credibility check, you can get these agencies.

These agencies would do a thorough study of your customer waiting pattern and come up with solid queue management which you just need to implement.

Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson

Alan is content editor manager of The Next Tech. He loves to share his technology knowledge with write blog and article. Besides this, He is fond of reading books, writing short stories, EDM music and football lover.

How Hardware Industry is Thriving On Their Supply Chain and Distribution Network

Randy Gonzales
by Randy Gonzales — 18 hours ago in Supply Chain Management 3 min. read

An efficient supply chain and distribution network are crucial for businesses in the hardware industry to be able to cater to growing customer expectations. Seamless communication between the two helps organizations provide product(s) to customers in a cost-effective and timely manner.

A study by Invesp revealed that 79% of companies with high-performing supply chains achieve revenue growth greater than the average within their industry.

Developing a systematic supply chain and distribution network involves building relationships with suppliers, identifying channel intermediaries, and streamlining delivery. It also comprises creating metrics that can help monitor and improve the overall process.

At the manufacturing stage, hardware products are thoroughly tested, packaged, and scheduled for delivery. In terms of supply chain management and distribution, this is the most metric-intensive stage.

Industrial hardware suppliers measure the production output and perform stringent quality analysis before dispatching. A robust supply chain and distribution network help hardware distributors take the least time to ship and meet customer expectations, thus contributing to sales volume.

What Is a Supply Chain and Distribution Network?

Supply chain refers to the network between the company and its suppliers to produce and deliver the product to its customers. An effective supply chain management ensures the timely delivery of raw materials so that the company can fulfill the orders.

A distribution channel refers to all the logistics needed for delivering a product from the manufacturer to the user at the lowest possible cost. A typical distribution channel in the hardware industry comprises wholesalers, retailers, and sales agents who make the product available to customers.

With a steady rise in e-commerce in the U.S, direct-to-consumer sales are gaining massive popularity. Industrial hardware distributors are ramping up their supply chain and distribution network to cater to this demand and increase their sales volume.
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How Are Supply Chain and Distribution Networks Helping the Hardware Industry Thrive?

Distribution channels and supply chains play a crucial role in mitigating the frictions in the hardware industry.  Let’s understand how each is contributing towards its growth.

1. Supply Chain

The supply chain is an integral part of the hardware industry. Here’s how it’s helping the industry thrive:

  1. Improves Efficiency

A well-optimized supply chain ensures smooth delivery of raw materials and provides real-time data on their availability so that there are no manufacturing delays. The data helps manufacturers and suppliers formulate strategies for sourcing materials from suppliers and ensuring a smooth delivery network. Without this data, companies can face issues such as out-of-stock inventory or late shipments to customers.

  1. Optimizes Cost of Shipping

The rise in shipment costs has made shipping optimization a necessity. Supply chain management helps identify the most efficient shipment methods for all types of packages to deliver products in the shortest time interval and at minimal costs. These cost savings not only help improve the bottom line, but are often passed down to customers as discounts.

  1. Reduces Overhead Cost

Demand predictions help businesses reduce overhead costs associated with storing slow-moving inventory. Supply chains provide manufacturers and suppliers with an insight into the existing market demand and an overview of existing low and high-velocity inventory.

Warehouse fulfillment costs significantly contribute to the overhead costs. Supply chain management reduces these costs by helping businesses optimize their warehouse layout and improve productivity by providing real-time data on inventory levels.
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2. Distribution Channel

The distribution channel is the backbone of the hardware industry. Here’s how it’s helping the industry thrive:

  1. Provides Market Information

Distribution channels serve as a medium through which hardware suppliers can gain all information about the market. They help acquire information concerning demand, price, and competition in the market from all intermediaries involved throughout the channel. They also provide information about customer’s preferences and reviews, helping suppliers and manufacturers formulate product selling strategies.

  1. Maintains Product Stock

The distribution channel plays a crucial role in helping suppliers maintain sufficient stocks of goods. It helps determine the supply of goods according to demand and storing and delivering products from warehouses to customers. To sum it up, it helps avoid a shortage of supply in the market.

  1. Ensures Timely Delivery of Products

This is one of the most important functions of a distribution channel. It plays a decisive role in the delivery of products to the customers within the estimated time. A properly organized distribution channel helps suppliers ship their products without worrying about geographical barriers.

  1. Reduces Risks

Distribution channels save manufacturers and suppliers from the risk of delayed delivery. It is the duty of the intermediaries involved in the channel to deliver the goods efficiently and on time.
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Well-managed supply chain and distribution channels are essential for the hardware industry to ensure smooth delivery of products. To keep up with the pace of digitization and growing consumer demand, industrial hardware suppliers are now extensively optimizing and leveraging supply chains and distribution networks. This, in turn, is helping them provide timely delivery of goods and ensure complete customer.

Randy Gonzales
Randy Gonzales

I am Randy Gonzales. I am the President of Elite Sales Inc, a rigging equipment and wire rope distribution company based in Miami, Tampa, Houston, and Dyer. I have more than 30 years of experience in the distribution and supply of industrial hardware industry.