Ransomware Group Claims To Have Hacked 'All of Sony Systems'

As per their DarkWeb Leak Site, Ransomed.vc claims to have "fully breached all of Sony's systems" and plans to auction the data instead of seeking a ransom. They've provided evidence, like internal Sony pages and files, highlighting concerns about Sony's data security.

The purportedly leaked data, numbering fewer than 6,000 files, includes build logs, Java resources, and HTML files. The presence of Japanese characters lends credibility to the group's assertion.

What distinguishes Ransomed.vc is their distinctive business model as a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) provider, actively seeking affiliates. Remarkably, they assert adherence to GDPR and Data Privacy Laws, even warning of reporting violations for non-payment.

Ransomed.vc has set a "post date" of September 28, 2023. If the data is not purchased by then, the group claims it will release the information to the public.

Sony has not officially acknowledged the alleged hack. The lack of a response from the company raises additional concerns regarding its security measures and crisis handling abilities. 

This isn't Sony's inaugural encounter with hacking. In 2011, the PlayStation Network experienced a major breach, resulting in 77 million accounts being compromised and online services becoming completely non-functional. 

How To Avoid Ransomware?

-Block common forms of entry -Detect intrusions -Stop malicious encryption -Create offsite, offline backups -Don’t get attacked twice