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Street Fighter 6: Akuma's Debut

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Street Fighter 6 unveils its first in-game look at Akuma, a beloved character from the franchise.

Akuma, known as the raging demon, has been a fan favorite since his debut in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

Akuma is set to arrive in Street Fighter 6's World Tour, Battle Hub, and Fighting Ground modes in Spring 2024.

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Akuma serves as the final DLC fighter for Street Fighter 6's Year 1, raising anticipation for Year 2's DLC lineup.

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Fans eagerly anticipate how Akuma's moves and dark persona will fit into Street Fighter 6's storyline.

Capcom faces the challenge of meeting fan expectations with future DLC characters after Akuma's epic debut.

The teaser trailer for Akuma in Street Fighter 6 showcases his evolution into a larger, more menacing fighter.