Amazon Is Launching Its First Internet Satellites In Race With SpaceX

In 2022, Amazon signed agreements for up to 83 rocket launches, the largest-ever commercial procurement of launch vehicles, to deploy Kuiper satellites with three different providers. Inc. is set to send its initial two test satellites for Project Kuiper into orbit on October 6, in a bid to establish a space-based internet network to rival SpaceX's Starlink.

It will cost the company less than $400 each to produce and provide internet while SpaceX's consumer Starlink terminals is priced at $599 each.

Amazon's Project Kuiper, the satellite internet division, is set to commence mass production of satellites later this year. These are the initial batch of more than 3,000 satellites slated for launch into low-Earth orbit in the coming years.

Amazon aims to meet its regulatory requirement by deploying half of its 3,236-satellite Kuiper network by 2026, with the 2024 target as part of this plan.

The company on Tuesday also revealed a slate of three different terminals, or antennas, that will connect customers with its Kuiper satellites in orbit.

Amazon's "standard customer terminal," featuring 11-inch square antennas, will be produced for under $400 each, delivering internet speeds of 400 megabits per second to customers, as per Amazon's statement.