Apple Reality OS: What It Is & Expected Release Date

Apple is working on the next-generation AR/VR headset that will run on the first version of xrOS. Here’s what we know about the innovation (Apple reality OS).

xrOS” is a short abbreviation for “Extended Reality Operating System” that powers Apple’s upcoming Reality headset with dozens of features and innovations. The first notion of this tidbit was marked in 2017 as “rOS” stands for “RealityOS” and was also spotted as part of some pre-release iOS 13 builds.

What Is Apple’s Next-Generation Reality OS?

Apple’s next-generation rOS is an operating system designed to support its Extended Reality headset. Apple calls it xrOS. The newly called software runs on its AR/VR headset called “xrOS” which stands for Extended Reality. Extended reality functions of both virtual reality and augmented reality.

Capabilities Of Apple’s Reality OS/xrOS

Talking about the capabilities, Apple’s imminent AR/VR headset is one-of-a-kind in the market and has no competitors or other AR and VR headsets like the community are building for the future. The escapade will be congenial and provide users with transformative experiences for metaverse, gaming, video content, video conferencing, and imagination of what could be possible.

Supported App

Apple seeks to develop a powerful headset as a device for gaming, watching online contents, media consumption, communication, video conferencing and metaverse centered.

Apple xrOS Launch Date?

Based on several rumors from Bloomberg reports and like others, virtual and augmented reality headsets from Apple might be launched in 2023. The community is working devotedly on this project to make it happen, thus we would expect to see the first version of AR/VR headset with xrOS in the first half of the year.

Reportedly, the xrOS is in the development stage and will have a new interface and ecosystem. The company stated to the media that they are rebuilding its native apps, including messages and maps, specifically for the new headset. There's a lot to know about Apple XrOS...