Apple Announced iPhones Will Support RCS In 2024

What is RCS Messaging?

Rich Communication Service, enhances chat security compared to traditional SMS by encrypting user messages. It provides advanced features, enabling the sending of high-resolution images and videos

Apple To Deploy RCS Support To iPhone In 2024. Apple's decision to adopt RCS follows regulatory and competitive pressures from rivals like Google and Samsung.

What Benefits Will Users Get From Apple RCS Support

RCS in iPhone’s default messaging app will add typing indicators, read receipts, high-quality media, location sharing, and more features.

SMS and MMS lack real-time communication features while RCS supports read receipts and typing indicators which makes communication in real-time.

SMS and MMS are not end-to-end encrypted by default but RCS has the potential to offer more secure messaging.

Is RCS only for Android?

Yes, RCS messaging is only available to Android devices but soon by the coming year, Apple will introduce RCS support for iPhone as well.

Apple RCS support has announced and agreed to add RCS messaging to the iPhone in 2024. But green bubbles are staying green. To know more click on the link below.