Apps That Pay You Everyday (No Credit Check!)


The app allows users to open a no-fee checking account, invest in managed portfolios, access personal loans, and obtain credit monitoring and other financial management tools.


The app connects to a user’s bank account and uses data analysis to predict their cash flow needs, providing low-interest cash advances to help them avoid overdrafts.


By paying $2.49 for a month as a subscription fee, eligible consumers can borrow up to $500 with a same-day turnaround time.


Works differently, but offers the largest payroll advance services. Over 1,500 companies are using this service including Uber and Walmart.


Branch is another popular app similar to MoneyLion and Dave that offers more flexibility and convenience. The app grants access to up to half of an employee’s next paycheck for any workforce.


FlexWage is similar to Earnin and Payactiv. It helps employees worseness of low balance lifestyles by providing them on-demand payday solutions.


Enrolled users can securely and conveniently withdraw up to 100% of earned pay. An ATM machine can easily withdraw advance payroll without any charges.