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Assassin's Creed Red: Latest Details on Ancient Japan Setting and Gameplay

Yasuke and Naoe are the two playable protagonists in Assassin's Creed Red.

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The game features an ancient Japanese setting, a highly-requested theme among fans.

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Yasuke adopts a "samurai-like" combat style, while Naoe embodies a more agile "ninja-like" approach.

Players can utilize tall grass, bushes, and tools to extinguish torches, enhancing the stealth aspect.

The game is built on a newer version of the AnvilNext engine, called the "Anvil Pipeline," offering improved animations and gameplay mechanics.

Assassin's Creed Red will be released on Assassin's Creed Infinity, acting as a hub for future projects.

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While anticipation is high, fans are advised to temper expectations due to past narrative and monetization issues in Ubisoft games.