Introducing the ROG Mjolnir: Your Weapon for On-the-Go Gaming

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ASUS announces a new gamer-targeted gear called the ROG Mjolnir.

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The ROG Mjolnir is slated to join the Republic of Gamers (ROG) hardware line by ASUS.

ASUS has been catering to the needs of gamers on the go with portable gaming solutions like the ROG Ally and ROG Phone.

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The ROG Mjolnir promises portable power with a Thor-inspired appearance, resembling the mighty hammer of Thor.

More details about the ROG Mjolnir will be revealed at Computex 2024, a tech-focused trade show in Taipei.

The ROG Mjolnir could feature at least four standard Type B power sockets, along with USB-A and USB-C ports.

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Reports suggest that the large tube-like "handle" on the ROG Mjolnir could serve as a light source or a detachable flashlight.