BARD: Google AI Chatbot Makes Factual Error In First Demo

Google's highly-hyped new AI Chatbot Tool "Bard" is currently being criticized for an incorrect response in a demonstration it gave this week. 

Chatbot Bard incorrectly stated that James Webb Space Telescope was the first to take pictures of planet outside of Earth's solar system.

NASA However, states that the first image of an exoplanet, or any planet outside our solar system, was actually taken by the European Southern Observatory’s Telescope in 2004.

After Bard's inaccurate response Shares in Google's parent company Alphabet fell 7.7% on Wednesday. This wipes out $100 billion of its market value. 

Like ChatGPT, Bard is built on a large-language model that is trained from vast amounts of data online to generate compelling responses for user prompts. Experts warn that these tools can spread incorrect information. 

Google also demonstrated how Search will be able to find answers with the help of generative AI, aka in the form of essay. This is similar to ChatGPT. We don't know when they will be available.

Google's event was one day after competitor Microsoft announced a revamped Bing powered with a more advanced version AI used by ChatGPT.  Company behind ChatGPT (Microsoft) investing billions in OpenAI.