New Maps, Weapons, and Skins in Battlefield 2042 Season 7

Battlefield 2042 Season 7 kicks off on March 19, promising new content and improvements.

Season 7, named "Turning Point," introduces the new map "Haven" set in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

The iconic "Stadium" map returns as a standalone map, offering intense urban combat scenarios.

New weapons like AK 5C, SCZ-3, and DFR Strife, along with the Predator SRAW gadget and XFAD-4 Draug vehicle, enhance gameplay.

Exciting Specialist skins such as "La Lola's Wrath" and "Antivirus" add a new dimension to customization.

Players can unlock 30 free rewards including weapons, vehicle skins, and Specialist skins through the battle pass.

DICE continues to support Battlefield 2042 with updates and fresh content, aiming to enhance player experience.