Top 5+ Yoga Poses for Weight Loss: Strengthen, Tone, and Burn Fat

Plank Pose

Strengthens core muscles, reduces abdominal fat, and improves posture.

Chair Pose

Activates entire body, boosts metabolism, and tones core, legs, and glutes.

Bridge Pose

Stretches abdomen, shoulders, and chest, while strengthening back muscles and improving posture.

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Upward-facing Dog Pose

Strengthens wrists, arms, and back, while burning belly fat and boosting energy levels.

Boat Pose

Strengthens core, stimulates abdominal organs for improved digestion, and boosts metabolism.

Cat-cow Pose

Stretches back, spine, shoulders, and neck, decreases back pain, and improves posture.

Side Plank

Strengthens arm muscles, improves balance, and engages core muscles for stability.