Best Books for IT Beginners in 2023

1.ITIL for Beginners 

ITIL version 4 was launched -It was designed to assist IT teams to navigate agile and DevOps-based process methods. 

2.ITSM QuickStart Guide

In addition to the fundamentals of ITSM this QuickStart guide also discusses the role of ITIL in ITSM and the development of particular ITSM frameworks, such as ISO and eTOM. 

3.Blockchain for Beginners

Given the overlap of crypto with blockchain, it's important to knowing the function of blockchain on a larger size and how it could positively affect IT operations. 

4.Think Like a Programmer

With a brief introduction to a variety of language programming, this book is well worth reading to understand which one best fits your skills.

5.Clean Code 

Alongside the introduction of agile methodology this book will teach readers to distinguish quality code from poor and rewrite bad code to functional code, and then test the code to make sure it's made to last.

6.HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

Even if you don't want to become a programmer, having basic HTML and CSS knowledge can help you solve website issues independently.

7. Python Crash Course

This book shows you how to create an Python application you can use, and teaches you how to utilize Python to video games, and various other applications.