Most Effective Exercises For Shoulder

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

This exercise targets medial deltoids. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and lift them out to the sides until your arms are parallel to the ground.

Overhead Press

The overhead press targets multiple shoulder muscles. It involves lifting a barbell or dumbbells overhead from shoulder level.

Arnold Press

This exercise works the entire shoulder. Start with dumbbells at shoulder level, palms facing you, then rotate them as you press overhead.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Reverse Fly

This exercise targets rear deltoids. Bend forward at the hips while holding dumbbells and lift your arms out to the sides, squeezing your shoulder blades together.

Front Dumbbell Raise

This exercise targets anterior deltoids. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and lift them up in front of you, keeping your arms straight.

Upright Row

This exercise targets the traps and upper back muscles. Hold dumbbells in front of you and lift them straight up towards your chin, keeping your elbows higher than your hands.

Barbell Shrugs

This exercise targets trapezius muscles. Hold a barbell in front of you with an overhand grip and lift your shoulders up towards your ears, then lower them back down.