Best Healthcare Stocks  For 2023

Theravance Biopharma Inc 

Theravance develops and markets therapies for respiratory disease and bacterial infections. Theravance announced that it would reduce costs by ending certain research lines and reducing its workforce by around 17%. 

Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Intercept, a firm that develops and markets products for chronic liver diseases. Intercept's loss for the last quarter 2022 was $20.8 million, compared to $36.3 million one year ago. 

Azenta Inc

Azenta, a life science company, provides sample and genomic services, including drug development, material storage and management of clinical trials.

ShockWave Medical Inc.

ShockWave manufactures intravascular devices and balloon dilatation catheters. ShockWave's revenue increased by nearly three-quarters for the last quarter of 2022 

Supernus Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Supernus sells and develops treatments for central nervous systems diseases. In the quarter ended 2022, net earnings increased tenfold to $25 Billion. 

Ardelyx Inc.

Ardelyx manufactures biotechnological medicines to correct metabolic imbalances and disorders. The shares have risen several times over the past year.

89Bio Inc.

89Bio, a biopharmaceutical company that develops drugs for metabolic and liver disorders The company sold 16.9 Million shares in March to raise approximately $275 million through a secondary offering.