Poor Vocab Will Not Be A Hurdle Anymore

We've compiled a list of the 11 best vocabulary apps for iPhone and Android, along with resources to help you remember what you have learned.


Vocab1's vast vocabulary contains more than half a billion words. This database can be used to help understand contexts. Vocab1 uses interactive games & flashcards to teach vocabulary. And you can also jump between sections at your will.


WordUp's unique approach is to concentrate on the 20,000 most commonly used words. WordUp arranges them according to their utility. By learning these words first, learners are encouraged to use them in everyday conversations and situations.

Magoosh Vocabulary App

Magoosh's vocabulary application is ideal for students who may be on the go and have limited time to learn new words. Expert test prep maestro carefully chose 1200 words to include in the test. Each word includes an audio pronunciation, definition and example.


Quizlet is one of America's most popular websites and ranks among the top 50. Quizlet offers a large selection of flashcard sets as well as study guides to help students to prepare for variety of subject-related tests like the SAT or GRE.


Memrise has more than 42 million registered users. Memrise heavily relies upon the principles and mnemonics to create its courses. Critics tend to agree that Memrise works best for beginners and those who want to learn a foreign language.


Vocabulary.com's proprietary technology AVI (Adaptive Vocabulary Instruction) is what makes this app so beloved. It is an interactive tool that is truly amazing. Every word you search will be added into your learning list. You can also submit a list of words that you are interested in learning.


Anki, an award-winning app that helps you to remember everything. The app uses flashcards to help you learn new words or facts. Next, you will be asked words to test your memory. You will then be tested until you feel confident that you have learned the material.

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