Top 8 Work From Home Apps in 2022


Slack is a powerful and amazing tool that allows companies to create a work-from-home strategy. Slack is widely used to communicate between teams, and for sharing files, and information among team members. 

Zoom is a software program that can be used to conduct video webinars, video teleconferencing, meetings, and chatting. This software is ideal for hybrid workplaces, where both remote and on-site workers can work together.  



Trello allows you to work remotely and collaborate with its lists, cards, and boards. It assists you in the completion of all tasks and processes that are part of your project development.


Wrike, a project management software program that’s best for workers who work remotely, is great. Remote employees can manage and streamline their work processes in a project.

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The app has many great features, including on-demand demos and recorded webinars, data export/import, image mockups, and email notifications.


Toggl, a time-tracking app, is designed for workers to keep track of their activities on a variety of platforms. You can gain insight into your work productivity and identify areas where you are behind.

Downloading work-from-home apps, which bridge the gap between managers, employers, and management, is the best way to work remotely.  Let’s look more popular work-from-home apps in 2022.