Daggerfall Remastered: Unity 1.0 Release - Bethesda's Vast World Unleashed

Bethesda's monumental game, The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, released in 1996, remains its largest creation, boasting a game world the size of the United Kingdom.

A dedicated team's 10-year effort resulted in Daggerfall Unity, a fan-made rebuilding of the colossal world in Unity, reaching its 1.0 release with updated graphics and full mod support.

Bethesda's original 2009 release of Daggerfall for free, celebrating its 15th anniversary, laid the foundation for Daggerfall Unity's accessibility.  

Daggerfall marked a seismic moment, showcasing the industry's potential for vast achievements, alongside iconic releases like Super Mario 64 and Quake.

While 2023's Starfield promises 1,000 planets, Daggerfall already boasted 15,000 locations in 1996, offering unparalleled exploration, guilds, religions, a reputation system.

Daggerfall's game world spans High Rock and Hammerfell, covering 80,823 square miles—a colossal landscape for players to traverse and experience.

The Daggerfall Unity team declared the project complete on the last day of 2023, allowing players to experience the classic in modern resolutions with a clean user interface.