SpaceX Launches Fresh Batch Of Starlink Satellites

A Falcon 9 launcher carrying 56 Starlink satellites lifted off at Florida's Cape Canaveral Space Force Station on Thursday at 3:31 am.

According to a SpaceX mission description It was the seventh launch and landing for this particular booster 

SpaceX is building its record-breaking constellation at an accelerated pace, and now there are 4,023 Starlink Satellites in low earth orbit. 

Thursday's launch was the 29th space mission of the year for SpaceX and the 27th for a Falcon 9. 

The Starlink constellation, an interconnected web of internet satellites, continues to grow rapidly, with this latest launch. 

SpaceX has received permission by the Federal Communications Commission for 4,408 Ku band satellites and 7,500 Gen2 V-band satellites. 

The separation of the 56 Starlink satellites from Falcon 9 rocket was confirmed 65 minutes after launch.