China faces the most extreme heatwave in world history.

The intense heat in China has been severly affecting the country's population, and fields for more than 70 days. The rivers and lakes have dried up. Crops have been destroyed and Factories have been closed.

Record-breaking conditions are affecting more than 900 million Chinese citizens in 17 provinces. Temperatures have topped 40°C in many places, including Sichuan in southwest China to Shanghai in east.

High temperatures and drought have exposed the lakebed of China’s largest freshwater lake, Poyang.

Cars, Batteries, Solar panels, Food. As China's seemingly endless heatwave continues, global shortages and skyrocketing prices are almost certain.

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Sichuan, which heavily relies on hydropower, saw its main reservoirs drain, while portions of the Yangtze River have reached the lowest level since at least 1865.

Due to power shortages, Toyota, Tesla and Foxconn had to temporarily suspend operations in China. American consumers can expect disruptions in their products as well as higher prices.

Four government departments warned that China's autumn harvest, which accounts for 75% of the country’s annual grain production, was in "severe danger" due to the drought and heatwave.