Some Drawbacks of Google Bard and Chat GPT 4

Drawbacks of ChatGPT

1.Users have restricted influence over the content generated by ChatGPT due to its reliance on internet data, potentially exposing them to biases and misinformation beyond their control.

2. Disseminating false information is a concern with ChatGPT as its human-like text generation can produce misleading content that appears credible, making it challenging to identify and refute misinformation.

3. ChatGPT's absence of emotional intelligence hinders its capacity to comprehend or address emotions, impeding its ability to engage in meaningful conversations

Drawbacks of Google Bard

1.AI models, learning from diverse sources, may produce responses rooted in outdated or biased data, risking the perpetuation of inaccuracies or misconceptions. 

2. AI language models, despite advanced algorithms, may struggle to grasp context, particularly in nuanced conversations. This can result in technically correct but contextually irrelevant responses.

3. AI's creativity is essentially derivative, drawing from learned patterns in existing data. It may lack the innovative thinking and originality inherent in human problem-solving or artistic pursuits.

So, the Bard vs ChatGPT debate is genuine, hence, we mentioned a couple of things you should know about both tech titans. Click on the link below to know.