OpenAI Unveils Latest Version Of Its Text-to-Image Tool: Dall-E 3

On Wednesday, OpenAI introduced Dall-E 3, an upgraded text-to-image tool. It collaborates with the AI chatbot ChatGPT, enhancing its ability to generate images from text prompts.

Dall-E 3 is set to launch in October for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers via the API. Users can request images and refine prompts through ChatGPT conversations.

OpenAI stated that DALL-E 3 excels in translating intricate requests into precise images. The new version includes safeguards to prevent the generation of violent, adult, or hateful content.

The tool is equipped to reject requests seeking images of public figures by name or those requesting images in the style of a living artist.

OpenAI faces competition from companies like Alibaba's Tongyi Wanxiang, Midjourney, and Stability AI in the race to develop precise text-to-image AI tools.

AI-generated images raise concerns, as evidenced by a Washington D.C. court ruling in August, which held that AI-generated art without human input couldn't be copyrighted in the U.S.

OpenAI is embroiled in legal battles, including a lawsuit from a U.S. authors' trade group representing writers like John Grisham and George R.R. Martin. They allege ChatGPT was trained on their work unlawfully.