How Do Passive Skills Work In Helldivers 2?

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Democracy Protects

Reduces lethal damage risk by 50%. Prevents bleeding damage if chest hemorrhages.

Engineering Kit

Crouching or prone reduces recoil by 30%. Boosts grenade capacity by +2, increasing initial inventory.

Extra Padding

Enhances Armor Rating, significantly improving early-game survivability by providing additional protective layers.


While crouching or prone, recoil reduces by 30%. Grants 50% resistance against explosive damage

Med Kit

Boosts initial inventory and holding capacity of Stims by +2. Extends Stim effect duration by 2.0 seconds.

Medium Brush Stroke


Increases throwing range by 30%. Provides +50% limb health.


Map markers trigger radar scans every 2.0 seconds. Diminishes the detection range of enemies by 30%.