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Final Fantasy XIV Online Beta: Xbox Series X|S Release Details

Final Fantasy XIV Online arrives on Xbox Series X|S as an online beta, paving the way for a full release later.

The beta for Final Fantasy XIV Online launches on February 21st for both Xbox Series X and Series S.

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Progress made during the beta will transfer to the full version upon its immediate release after the beta concludes.

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The release time for the Final Fantasy XIV Online Xbox beta is 12am PT / 3am ET / 8am GMT on February 21st.

To download the beta, visit the Microsoft Store on your Xbox Series X|S and search for "Final Fantasy XIV".

The beta includes content from the free trial version, offering extensive gameplay up to level 70 and expansions like "A Realm Reborn," "Stormblood," and "Heavensward."

The beta will be available for download only after the release time on February 21st. Final Fantasy XIV Online is exclusive to Xbox Series X|S; there's no version for Xbox One.