Google Cloud Vs. Amazon Web Services: A Fight For Cloud Supremacy

AWS has been the market leader in cloud computing for a long time, holding a significant share of the market. However, Google Cloud has been steadily gaining momentum and challenging AWS's dominance.

AWS has a broader and more mature service portfolio, while Google Cloud focuses on innovation and differentiation in specific areas.

AWS is giving customers a wide selection of locations for hosting their applications. Google Cloud is rapidly expanding its infrastructure and catching up to AWS's global presence.

AWS has a more complex pricing structure, while Google Cloud aims to provide simpler and more predictable pricing.

Google Cloud's Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is well-regarded, but AWS's managed Kubernetes service, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), has also gained traction.

Google offers various ML services and tools, such as Google Cloud AI Platform and AutoML. AWS also has a comprehensive suite of ML services, including Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Rekognition.

Google Cloud offers services like BigQuery and Dataflow, while AWS offers services such as Amazon Redshift and Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce).