GTA 6 Expected To Make Record Sales At Launch

Rockstar Games plan to release GTA Online summer update on June 13th. 

Is GTA 6 Actually Coming Out?

Total revenue was over $780 Million, lower than $1.083 Billion revenue in FY2022. 

Earnings So Far From GTA 5

GTA 6 will be expected to sell 25 million copies and earn $1 Billion at launch.

What Industry Analyst Are Expecting From GTA 6?

It's expected to be released between the holidays of 2024 and early in 2025.

Expected Release Date of GTA 6

GTA V alone had sold over 175 Million units worldwide, not even taking into account previous entities in the series. 

Will GTA 6 Break This Record?

GTA 6 is rumored to include a portion of Cubas Island alongside Vice City.

What Rumors Are Saying?

Why GTA 6 Is So Hyped?

GTA 6 has been talked and anticipated for years. This will be the longest gap between 2 successive GTA games from Rockstar.