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Deciphering GTA 6's PS5 Pro Performance: Can It Deliver 60 FPS?

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GTA 6's potential release on the PS5 Pro sparks excitement among fans, but concerns arise regarding its ability to deliver 60 FPS gameplay.

Even after PS5 Pro's enhanced hardware, recent analysis suggests GTA 6 may not achieve 60 FPS on current-gen consoles.

Rockstar Games' announcement of GTA 6 promises groundbreaking graphics and densely populated environments.

There's a doubt on the PS5 Pro's ability to run GTA 6 at 60 FPS, citing limitations in CPU performance compared to base models.

Experts suggest GTA 6 may target 30 FPS on current-gen consoles, including the PS5 Pro, due to hardware constraints.

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Rumors of internal issues and potential delays in GTA 6's release further complicate expectations for optimized performance on current-gen consoles.

The developers are targeting a spring 2025 release for the game, but potentially launching in autumn 2025 or even early 2026 due to delay.