New Drift Races Unveiled In Chop Shop Update: GTA Online

Highway Code: The Ultimate City Racetrack

Neon-painted La Mesa highway becomes a thrilling racetrack, named Highway Code, attracting a wild crowd of drifters.

Let Fly: The Lawsuit-Inspiring Drift Race

Living in Vinewood Hills isn't easy, with sagging BBLs, weight gain next door, and ZR350s crashing into champagne fridges.

Let Fly: The Lawsuit-Inspiring Drift Race

Participate in Let Fly, a lap race for drift vehicles, and showcase your skills while potentially catching the attention of the litigators at LSIA.

Wide Berth: Drift Mastery at the Port of Los Santos

In the scenic port of Los Santos, embrace your drifting prowess. No need to worry about trespassing.

Smoke and Mirrors: Drifting Through Mirror Park

In the sought-after neighborhood of Mirror Park, Los Santos, indulge in adrenaline-fueled drifts. Slide sideways through Horny's drive-thru, grab a quarter pounder.

Textile City Limits: Drift with an Artistic Twist

In the heart of a cultural renaissance, Textile City experiences a surge in art, street performances, and late-night shows.

Beach Slap- Del Perro Beach

Imagine tech enthusiasts on beachfront balconies, enjoying sunsets with a Cazafortunas in one hand and monitoring BAWSAQ with the other.