Wyoming House Race: Harriet Hageman registers a landslide victory over Liz Cheney.

Harriet Hageman who defeated Cheney is a lawyer by profession spent career fighting environmental rules

Hageman entered for the election race last September after Trump's endorsement. This prompted several other candidates to endorse Hageman.

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Harriet beats Trump’s most vocal critic Cheney, and appears to be the ideal candidate to carry Trump’s rightwing banner into the midterms

Hageman is expected cruise to victory over Lynnette GreyBull, Democrat nominee, in November

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Hageman beat Cheney by around a 30 point margin. The winner of the primary in Wyoming is considered the most likely winner for the general election, due to its conservative nature.

Hageman completed both her undergraduate and law degree from the University of Wyoming. She has her expertise in water and natural resources litigation. In private property cases, she represented the federal government.

Hageman said in a statement that she decided to run against Cheney because she "betrayed Wyoming, betrayed the country and she betrayed me."