Gear Up for Victory: Helldivers 2 Character Customization Explained

Customize your Helldivers 2 character with a plethora of options, obtainable through the online store and Warbonds, enhancing both aesthetics and gameplay.

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Head to the Armory on your Destroyer to access the character customizer, nestled between the War Room and Ship Management 

Solve a potential crash issue by completing the first mission before accessing the character customizer.

Customize your loadout with Primary, Secondary, and Grenade weapons, unlocking diverse armaments through Medals and field exploration.

Tweak your character's armor for strategic advantages, choosing from helmets, body armor, and capes with varied stats and benefits.

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Experiment with different Stratagems for each mission, refining your gameplay style and strategy for optimal performance in the heat of battle.


Personalize your character with voice packs, emotes, victory poses, and player cards, alongside physical attributes like Lean and Brawny