Ways To Make Extra Money Using App


Sweatcoin converts the step count recorded on smartphones into a virtual currency. The more you work up a sweat, the more money you are likely to earn.

Survey Junkie

Like taking surveys in your free time?  With Survey Junkie, you only need to create a profile with basic information, and they give you 25 points just for completing the sign-up process.

Worthy Bond

Worthy Bonds lets you invest in small businesses and earn 5% in fixed interest. The company creates and sells U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission-qualified bonds, which carry a term of 36 months.  

Slidejoy operates on that premise and turns the lock screen of your Android phone into an advertising space. All you have to do is unlock your phone, and that’s it. In return, you’ll get Carats, an in-app currency you can redeem for gift cards.


Early works to put the difference into your bank account thanks to a feature called price protection, a policy offered by most major retailers that state if an item drops in price after you purchase it, they will refund you for the difference.


Foap lets you sell pictures to well-known brands. Foap is a social media advertising platform that connects brands with photographers. You can either upload your photo collection and sell it or go on missions that require specific tasks, which earn at least $50.

So using smartphones to earn a little money on the side is a natural evolution of the role it plays in our daily lives. To know more detailed ways to earn extra money using apps..