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Cracking The Code: Tips and Tricks for Opening Locked Doors

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Wait for different times to see if the door unlocks with a change in daylight or nightfall.

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Keep an eye out for enemies dropping keys or purchase them from merchants. Certain quests also offer keys as rewards.

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Pay attention to quests that offer unique keys. For instance, completing the "Tolled to Rest" quest rewards you with the Ancient Battleground Key.

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Utilize vocation abilities like climbing walls or roofs with classes such as Sorcerer, Mage, or Fighter

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Not all locked doors need keys; sometimes, there's a hidden passage or climbable wall nearby.

Some areas may remain locked until you progress further in the story. Advancing through the game may naturally unlock inaccessible areas.

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Your pawns may offer valuable hints if you're stuck. Don't hesitate to consult them for guidance.