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Level Up Your Vocation Fast: Tips for Dragon's Dogma 2 Beginners

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Vocation XP, essential for leveling up your Vocation early in Dragon's Dogma 2, can only be earned through combat.

Cross swords with enemies as frequently as possible to accumulate Vocation XP.

Many side quests involve battling enemies, providing an opportunity to earn Vocation XP.

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Consider exploring at night for increased enemy encounters, potentially boosting Vocation XP earnings.

Be cautious of the loss gauge at night, and set up camp if necessary to avoid unfavorable conditions.

Ensure both your character and Pawn are equipped with the desired Vocations to accumulate Vocation XP for the roles you wish to develop.

Plan your engagements and activities to optimize Vocation XP gains, enhancing your character's abilities and unlocking new skills.