How To Record A Phone Call On iPhone?

Why iPhones Don’t Let You Record Calls?

Apple doesn’t allow its users to record incoming or outgoing calls in any of their iPhone series. It is because Apple wants to ensure its user’s privacy when it comes to smartphone use.

4 Methods To Record A Phone Call On iPhone

- Using Voice Memos App to Record a Call - Using Screen Recording feature to record a call

- Using another Apple device with the Voice Memos app - Using phone recording app

5 Best Call Recording Apps For iPhone


1. Call Recorder for iPhone 2. Rev Call Recorder 3. TapeACall Pro 4. Google Voice 5. Call Recorder iCall

How To Record Phone Calls On My iPhone For Free?

– Download Google Voice. – Make an account and login. – Make free and recorded calls using Wifi.

How Do I Automatically Record Incoming Calls On An iPhone?

Enhance your iPhone call recording experience with TapeACall Pro, a premium app offering 50+ features like continuous recording, Dropbox uploads, labeling, playback etc.