Can Someone Track Your Location From A Text On iPhone?

Many people wonder whether it’s possible for someone to track their location simply by sending them a text message on an iPhone.

Text messages can contain device and location data in their metadata, but iPhones prioritize privacy and don't easily share precise location without explicit consent.

Introducing Detectio

Detectio is a method that has garnered attention due to its purported ability to track someone’s location using a text message.

How It Works

1. Enter the Phone Number: The person who wants to track the location enters the phone number of the target device along with a personal message.

2. Send the Message: Once the message is sent, Detectico triggers a text message to the target device. This message includes a link for location detection.

3. Detect their Location: Upon clicking the link in the message, Detectico determines the location of the target device and provides that information to the person who initiated the tracking process.

Protecting Yourself from Location Tracking

Regularly review the permissions granted to various apps on your iPhone. Ensure that only trusted apps can access your location data, and revoke permissions for apps that don’t genuinely require it.