Mickey Mouse Horror Game Unveiled: Name Altered Over Nazi Link

With the iconic character Mickey Mouse entering the public domain, Nightmare Forge Games seizes the opportunity to create a spooky survival horror game, Infestation: Origins.

The game is an episodic 1-4 player co-op survival horror game set in 1988. Players take on the role of an exterminator tasked with eliminating twisted versions of classic characters and urban legends.

Infestation 88, undergoes a name change to Infestation: Origins after the developers learn about the Nazi connotations associated with the number 88.

Nightmare Forge Games expresses regret for any unintended associations and pledges to be more aware. The developers apologize for their ignorance and promptly address the issue 

The public domain release includes Mickey Mouse's earliest appearance in Steamboat Willie from 1928, allowing creative projects like Infestation: Origins to explore new interpretations of the character.

Supporting 1-4 players, Infestation: Origins offers both private and public lobbies, along with proximity-based and standard voice chat.

Players unlock experience, skins, perks, and other items as they progress. Nvidia DLSS support ensures stunning visuals without sacrificing frame rate.