"Insomniac Games' Cyber Nightmare: Unveiling Stolen Secrets of Wolverine and Spider-Man 3"

Insomniac Games faced a major ransomware attack, resulting in the release of 1.67 terabytes of data, impacting projects like Wolverine and Spider-Man 3.

The hacking group, Rhysida, demanded at least 50 bitcoins ($2 million) for the data and auctioned part of it before releasing the rest.

The breach includes sensitive data, such as the full plot and cast of the Wolverine game, gameplay videos, design documents, and Sony's strategic plans.

Insomniac's projected game slate through 2035, encompassing Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank, and an ongoing Wolverine series, has been exposed.

Details of publishing agreements, budgets, and commercial plans for upcoming games, as well as Sony's views on industry events, are part of the leaked data.

Personal data of Insomniac employees, including HR documents and Slack screenshots, has been compromised, but the extent is unclear.

Insomniac Games responded, expressing gratitude for fan support, assuring Wolverine's development continuity, and pledging to share official information at the right time.

Insomniac Games is actively investigating the extent of the breach and collaborating with relevant authorities, while Sony Interactive Entertainment has been approached for comment.