Instagram’s Upcoming Rival To Twitter

Leaked promotional materials have revealed the upcoming Instagram platform, which will compete with Twitter. We look at what could its launch mean for Twitter's microblogging giant.

It's still unclear what the official name of this upcoming rival to Twitter will be. Rumours claim that the app's internal name is "P92" or "Barcelona".

Sign in using your Instagram username and password. Your followers, handle and bio will also be transferred over from the main app.

In the app, the users will see a feed, and they can make text posts up to 500 characters long with attached links, photos, and videos.

The company is testing the idea of the project with celebrities and influencers. Instagram has been talking to selected creators about the project for several months.

Based on screenshots included in the leaked marketing slide. the app somewhat looks pretty much like if you mixed Instagram and Twitter together.

App could be released as soon as June. Instagram could become even more popular if the app was widely released.