International Women's Day: The Inspiring Stars of 2023

Charlotte Bailey

Charlotte Bailey, a Nottingham University graduate, launched Rheal superfood powders company - originally known as SuperU – with partner Sean Ali in 2018. After a successful appearance on Dragons’ Den, a PS1m seedrs crowdfund raise was conducted and private investment by Tej Lalvani, formerly TV Dragon.

Natasha Boulding

Low Carbon Materials was founded by Dr Nastasha and Scott Bush in 2019 with Dr Phil Buckley and Scott Bush. Its flagship product, Osto has been scientifically engineered to make use of waste and byproducts that would otherwise go to landfill. 

Jordan Brompton

Myenergi, the award-winning micro-generation specialist, has seen her company grow from a two-person operation to over 400 employees based at the Energy Estuary in Grimsby. To promote the products and the entire EV sector, the sales specialist has recruited high-profile figures such as Charley Boorman and Robert Llewellyn.

Charlotte Laidet, who has been a senior producer at Big Difference since 2017, was promoted to festivals and programme director at Leicester Comedy Festival organisers Big Difference Company. Charlotte brings 10 years of experience to managing all types of productions such as opera, ballet concerts, concerts, pyrotechnics outdoor sound & light shows, theatre, conventions, comedy and more.

Charlotte Laidet

Alice Hall

Alice Hall launched Pink Boutique fashion company with a PS90 investment. She then sold her share to start a new venture. Rowen Homes, a luxury homeware company, was initially established as an online business.

Laura Mallows

Laura Mallows launched Mallows Beauty in Llantrisant in February 2020. She received a Start-Up Loan from British Business Bank via Business in Focus of PS25,000. The brand has since opened a flagship store at Cardiff City Centre and launched into Urban Outfitters stores across the country

Karen Hewitt

Karen Hewitt began selling clothes online after her two children outgrew their clothes. Stephen, her husband, noticed that characters with characters were selling well. They started their own company, It was based in a garage in a quiet area of Gower. It has grown to be one of the most popular online retailers in Europe and North America over the past 12 year,