Apple's Vision Pro Headset: Things You Must Know

Disney has partnered with Apple in order to bring Disney+, its streaming service, to the new Vision Pro augmented reality headset. 

Disney CEO Bob Iger stated that the new technology will enhance the Disney+ watching experience. The users will have access to the streaming service at the launch of the product early next year.

The Vision Pro, which retails for $3 499, will allow users the ability to interact with digital content using mixed reality.

Vision Pro has 12 cameras, a digital crown that is similar to Apple Watch which allows you to switch between AR and VR environments.

The device is powered by an external battery with a capacity of two hours. It connects via snap-on connector cable.

Fueled by Apple's groundbreaking M2 chip and the revolutionary R1 custom-made processor. Which Apple said is designed to process information from its sensors in less time than the blink of an eye.  

For the price of the Vision Pro you could purchase three $1,000  Meta Quest Pro headsets & the $500 Meta Quest 3. Both offer mixed reality experiences similar to those Apple promises.