iOS 17.5

iOS 17.5 Drops: Major Security Boosts and Game-Changing Updates 

iOS 17.5 enables sideloading of apps from the internet for European Union residents, providing more flexibility beyond the App Store.

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Users can now keep Find My tracking system enabled when sending a device for repairs,

The update introduces an offline mode for Apple News+ globally, allowing access to News+ tab and Today feed without an internet connection.

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iOS 17.5 brings support for detecting unknown trackers traveling with users, enhancing safety against criminal activities.

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Initially enabled for AirTags, this feature notifies users of unknown Bluetooth trackers regardless of the device's operating system.

iOS 17.5 can detect not only AirTags but also trackers from other brands like Samsung and Tile, leveraging a standardized protocol for comprehensive tracking detection.

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The protocol extends beyond Bluetooth trackers to include GPS-based devices and other mediums like Wi-Fi and cellular lines