Jamie Dimon: JP Morgan Chief Predicts 'Something Worse' Than a Recession Could Be Coming

The executive stated that "there are storm clouds", Jamie Dimon warns about where the U.S. economy is heading quoting interest rates, oil, Ukraine, war, and China.

His predictions were similar to what he predicted in June, when he warned of an 'economic storm'. He advised investors that they should be prepared.

CEO of JPMorgan, stated that China is facing "serious issues" because of its energy and food consumption.

Jamie Dimon

Dimon called on the US to stand against Beijing and increase its soft-power efforts within the developing world.

Bloomberg reports that China's economic slowdown raised in July, as its industries failed to meet investment and output targets.


said, "If I had the chance to place odds: Soft landing 10%. Jamie added: "Harder landing, mild recession 20%, 30%." 

JPMorgan pledged to reach net-zero emission by 2050, in accordance the Paris Agreement.