NASA Announces Crew For Its Artemis II Mission 

Artemis II crew includes the first woman, first Black person, and the first Canadian to reach to the moon.

Artemis II lunar mission will be the first crewed mission since the historic Apollo explorations came to a close in 1972. 

NASA's Artemis program hopes to send astronauts to the moon by 2025. This is a plan to establish a permanent human presence on lunar surface.

The astronauts flying to the moon namely- Reid Wiseman (47), Victor Glover (46), Christina Koch (44), Jeremy Hansen (47).

Apollo 17 was the most recent human spaceflight mission in December 19, and Apollo 11 made the first landing on the Moon in 1969. 

Artemis II will travel 6,400 miles (10.300 km) beyond Earth's far side before returning. This marks the closest human pass to Earth's natural satellite 

Joe Biden praised Artemis's next mission and called it an inspiration for "the next generation of explorers."