Striking Features of iOS 17 Apple Derived From Android

Offline Map

With the iOS 17 update, iPhone users can access offline maps on the Apple Maps app. Previously iPhone users could use offline maps via Google Maps.

Multiple Timer

Apple's clock app did not have native support for multiple timers until now. Users can now set multiple timers in the default clock appl with iOS 17 and iPadOS. 

Contact Poster

Inspired by Samsung phones running on OneUI 5.1. This feature allows user to add full-screen images and customizable text to their caller ID.


Another new iOS 17 feature, allows iPhone users quickly to share their contacts with nearby iPhone or Apple Watch users.

Standby Mode

Standby mode transforms an iPhone into a digital clock that displays important information such as time and notifications.

FaceTime Message

FaceTime now allows users to send audio and video messages. Google's Duo and Meet apps have had a similar feature for.

Live Voicemail

iOS 17 allows iPhone users to finally send a real-time voicemail with automatic transcription. This feature was available in Google's Android dialer app.