NASA's James Webb Telescope Celebrates 1 Year In Space

The James Webb Space Telescope marks one year of groundbreaking science, capturing awe-inspiring stellar photography that surpasses any seen before by humanity.

James Webb Selfie

JWST's NIRCam houses a unique lens enabling operators to examine and align sections of the primary mirror.

Mesmerizing Images of Jupiter and Europa

During its commissioning period, the James Webb Space Telescope's NIRCam captured an image of Jupiter and its moon Europa using the 2.12 micron filter.

The Saturn's Ring & Moons.

In a captivating image taken by the JWST, Saturn, its majestic ring, and three of its moons (Enceladus, Thethys, and Dione) shine brightly against the backdrop of space.

Tarantula Nebula Like Never Before

Webb's NIRCam unveils the Tarantula Nebula in a mosaic image spanning 340 light-years, revealing countless young stars previously hidden by cosmic dust.

The Phantom Galaxy

JWST captures an otherworldly view of the well-known spiral galaxy Messier 74, revealing its symmetrical arms.

The JWST Deep Field

JWST's inaugural image reveals the vastness of space, with each pinpoint of light representing an entire galaxy teeming with countless stars, captured from a small section of the night sky.