NBA Draft 2023: The Top 10 Picks

1: San Antonio Spurs | Victor Wembanyama, C, France

Instant grade: A-plus He is a 7'5" center who looks like a guard when handles the basketball.

2. Charlotte Hornets | Brandon Miller, F, Alabama

Instant grade: A-minus Miller's plus passing ability and good shot will make him a very successful wing for many years to come.

3. Portland Trail Blazers | Scoot Henderson, G, G League Ignite

Instant grade: A Henderson will be able to create his own offensive system, and over the next few years his shot will become more accurate.

4. Houston Rockets | Amen Thompson, G, Overtime Elite

Instant grade: A-minus Thompson will fit the Rockets timeline as he develops as an offensive player, though he will be the Rockets' best backcourt passer as a rookie.

5. Detroit Pistons | Ausar Thompson, G, Overtime Elite

Instant grade: B-plus Ausar Thompson has shown more to this point as a defender, and similar to his brother's fit in Houston.

6. Orlando Magic | Anthony Black, G, Arkansa

Instant grade: B The Magic have added a 6-foot-6 guard that is extremely comfortable making the right decisions with the basketball.

7. Indiana Pacers | Bilal Coulibaly, F, France

Instant grade: B-minus He is a pick for the future as a lanky forward who has a good bit of potential on the defensive end.

8. Washington Wizards | Jarace Walker, F, Houston

Instant grade: B-plus Walker can defend multiple positions, a solid rebounder who can knock down shots.

9. Utah Jazz | Taylor Hendricks, F, UCF

Instant grade: A-minus Hendricks, at 6-foot-9, can block shots and catch-and-shoot from outside. 

10. Dallas Mavericks | Cason Wallace, G, Kentucky

Instant grade: B-plus Wallace fits the bill as a plus defender who can create his own offense at times.