Netflix Offering A Fun Surprise For It's Customers

After 25 years, Netflix is discontinuing its DVD rental service. Subscribers have an opportunity to request up to ten additional discs before the service concludes.

As Netflix focuses on streaming, this decision reduces access to older and niche titles available through physical media rentals, despite its transformation into an entertainment powerhouse.

How to get ten DVDs from Netflix?

-Navigate to Netflix DVD’s main page. -Login to your Netflix DVD account. -Make sure your queue contains at least 10 DVDs. -Existing members have already received an email with the link to Netflix’s Finale site -Congratulations, you’ve opted in

Do you get to keep the DVDs Netflix sends?

Netflix isn't relinquishing its DVD collection. You must still return the 10 discs sent to you, as the company will accept returns until October 27th, 2023.3

What happens if you don’t return DVDs to Netflix?

If you don’t return discs to Netflix, the company will charge your credit card for their value.

Why would anyone even want DVDs from Netflix?

Streaming is convenient and fast, generally surpassing physical media. Yet, Netflix's DVD service offers benefits like diverse selection, cost-effectiveness, and a touch of nostalgia.

In April, Netflix revealed the discontinuation of its red-envelope DVD service due to declining usage amidst the streaming shift. In 2022, streaming revenue was $31.5 billion compared to $145 million from DVDs.